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Ambulance services in Bangalore - Hospital trasnsportation

KS Ambulance provides a network of Ambulances in the city of Bengaluru. In case of an ambulance requirement, any Bangalore resident may dial +91 9035224454 for accessing an Ambulance within the shortest possible time. Ambulances are located in strategic locations. After recieving the call in the shortest possible time, the nearest free ambulance will reach at your place to rescue the patient / victim .

Basic Ambulance contains
I) Oxygen

II) Bed to Bed Trolley.

These ambulances are best suited for Non-emergency patient transport. Transport to local hospital for Radiology and Radiation appointment. Hospital discharges Visit to physiotherapy and Dialysis appointment.

The Ambulance has mild sound proofing and silicon sealing in joints. It also has on board a collapsible trolley stretcher and a stair chair. The Ambulance crew usually consists of a driver and a helper. For non-medical emergencies, Basic ambulances are available for tranferring the patients all over India.

Types of ambulance service offered in Bangalore

Basic Ambulance service : Maruthi OMNI or ECO with Basic setup like stretcher and 2 passengers with talented driver.

COVID Ambulance serivce : Nearest bed availability guidance with fast to fast service

Neo Natal Ambulance : Emergency like first aid and doctror on call hire

Air Ambulance : Long distance short period travel assistance

We also offer below relevant service along with ambulance

Freezer box for rent
Icu ambulance for rent
Freezer ambulance for rent
Ventilator ambulance for rent
A/c ambulance
Hearse van for rent
Ambulance with nurse for rent
Body embalming
Dry ice sale

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Hospital visit for COVId - 9035224454

Be it the general or any emergency purpose travel we have covered with competative price. since 2010 | Over 10 years experince in hospital industries.

Our Service Included

A/C and Non A/C Ambulance service in Bangalore

ICU Ambulance with Ventilator


A/C Freezer box rent or Buy

Coffin Box

Hearse van Ambulance

Oxygen Cylinder, Dry Ice

National and International Air Cargo Clearence

FAQ : Ambulance services Bangalore - Kesarisutha

What is an Air Ambulance?

An Air Ambulance is an aircraft designed specifically for the purpose of patient transfer from one location to another. Air Ambulances are fastest, comfortable and safe medium of critical patient evacuation. These are installed with the latest life support equipment such as the ventilator, respirator, suction pump, infusion machine, oxygen cylinder, portable power supply, and cardiac monitor etc. You can say air ambulances are flying ICU.

What is Train Ambulance?

It is the medical escort service in which a patient is transferred using comprehensive Railway Services. Generally, AC compartments of the best train in the route is booked and fitted with essential life support equipment like a ventilator, oxygen cylinder, cardiac monitor, suction pump, portable power supply etc as per patient requirement. A Doctor and Paramedic also move along with the patient to monitor and stabilize him/her during entire course of evacuation.

What is Ground Ambulance?

Ground Ambulances are the Road Ambulances. There are many types of Road Ambulances such as BLS, Basic Life Support, ACLS Advanced, and Critical Life Support, QEV Quick Evacuation Vehicles and Neonatal or Pediatric Life Support Ambulances. As per the need of the patient one of these ambulances are availed. ACLS ambulances are equipped with all the latest ICU equipment and are similar to the intensive care unit of a multispecialty hospital. Neonatal ambulances have a special arrangement for accommodating children and have relevant amenities. 

Who needs Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulance Services are the best option for immediate patient transportation. If your patient needs an immediate surgery or medical attention that is not available at your home place then it is the best option. Patient transfer by air ambulances is fastest, comfortable, time saving and hassle-free.

Who needs Train Ambulance?

Those who want to transfer their patients under the supervision of specialist Doctor and complete ICU setup at economical rate can avail medical train ambulance services. As train ambulance services are highly depended on the schedule and services of Indian Railways hence these aspects should be kept in mind. Rail ambulance services are the best option for those who cannot avail high-cost air ambulances.

Who needs Ground Ambulance?

At the local level, Ground Ambulances are the best option to transfer a patient or victim of the accident or any other emergency situation. If you want to transfer a patient between 200-300 kilometers then Road Ambulance should be the best option. It is for anyone who needs cost-effective and fast patient evacuation inside the city, town or between local stations.

What is Bed to Bed patient Transfer?

Bed to Bed Patient transfer is a unique method of critical and non-critical patient evacuation. The patient is picked up from the bed of the home or hospital and shifted to the ground ambulance which takes him/her to the train or air ambulance. On the destination city, the patient is shifted to the bed via the use of the same process. The entire process is carried out by our skilled professionals causing least panic for the relatives of the patient. This is a peer to peer patient transfer method.

When should I call to arrange an air ambulance?

Air Ambulance Services can be made available anytime between 2-4 hours. There are many determining factors associated with this service. Permission from ATC, Air Traffic Controller, and aviation authority etc., but you don’t have to worry about these aspects as the same is entirely addressed at our hands. Sometimes weather condition also determines arability of the services. Normally we can arrange an air ambulance for you within a few hours.

When Should I call for availing Train Ambulances?

It is a good question. You know King Medical Train escort Services are provided in reputed trains available in the route. Our services are highly dependent on the timetable and schedule of the Indian Railways. However as per ticket availability, we can arrange train ambulances anytime but ideally, it takes at least one or two day’s prior information to ensure reservation formalities. Therefore we request everyone to call us at least one or two days before departure date.

How much Time Do you take to avail Road Ambulance?

Road Ambulance can be made available anytime. In prime locations, just after the booking, a fully equipped road ambulance would reach to you within a few minutes. In cities like Bangalore or any metro city almost instant road ambulance would be available.

Do you Allow Family members to Come Along with Patient?

Yes, of course. We allow one or two relatives of the patient to come along with us in the air ambulance. Prior information such as name, age and other prerequisites must be furnished to accompany in the air and train ambulances. However in Road Ambulances discretion is upon seat availability but generally, we allow 1-3 family members. 

How much Does an Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance and Ground Ambulance Cost?

Cost depends on many factors such as types of service, distance, facilities, availability etc. Call our advisers to get detailed information about the cost of services you want to avail.

How Do I avail King Air, Train and Ground Ambulance Service?

Simply call the following contact numbers +91 9035224454. Give all the information about your patient transfer requirement to the adviser and you all get all the information and assistance to book the best package as per your budget.